The Funders

Young Britain Funders

Lord Young, Enterprise Advisor to the Prime Minister in Telford Enterprise Hub with Fay Easton & Jenny Wynn on July 24th 2012 at the formal launch of YOUNG BRITAIN and the Hub StartUp Zone

Never doubt that a few interested people can change the world, indeed it is the only thing that ever has.

The Funders & Supporters

Between November 2011 and January 2013 the application to the European Regional Development Fund was in preparation; the bid outlined the case for co-funding the programme of work to create 100 new young start-up businesses and provide self employment as an option to the escalating unemployment levels in the 18-24 age groups in Telford & Shropshire.  The ERDF bid was approved on January 11th 2013 and work began immediately to create StartUp Boot Camps to promote the concept of entrepreneurship to local young people & get some businesses started.  Within the first 6 months the target of 100 new start ups was met.

Husband and wife team, Graham and Jenny Wynn backed this bid with private investment and an unerring vision for the concept, without their philanthropic commitment to this programme, not one young business would have been created and the work would simply not have started.   The local authority, Telford & Wrekin Council also backed the bid and their faith has been rewarded many times over by the young entrepreneurial businesses now trading from the ‘business winning’ Borough.


The Steering Board

The volunteers who guide the project give their time freely to help new young businesses to launch.

  • The Chair: Amanda Brooke
  • The TTC Group: Graham & Jenny Wynn & Steven Watson
  • Telford College of Arts & Technology: Dave Gill
  • Young Entrepreneur: Katie Smith
  • Young Entrepreneur: Jamie Dunn
  • International Economic & Environmental Development: Ian Baker
  • Telford & Wrekin Council: Steve Hill
  • Financials & Reporting: Sue Rawlings
  • Project Oversight & Administration: Jane Shaw


The Founding Partnership

Shropshire Enterprise Partnership (SEP) has a 16 year operational history in the county and is a not for profit economic regeneration company with the key objectives to improve the economic and social prosperity of Telford & Shropshire. The Chairman and Directors of this Partnership give of their time and wisdom freely for the greater good of the county.